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Splitrock Studio

We're great at finding smart people and giving them the resources and support they need to turn SaaS products into thriving businesses.

The environment we have created is uniquely inclusive to enable anyone to start (or join) a startup — not just those who can afford to take the risk.

We provide a salary, leave and all the bells and whistles, and work as a team to develop, launch and scale SaaS products that are able to generate revenue from day 1.

Our product teams are independent, yet they still benefit from the support of a wider organisation (think R&D, hiring, legal, HR, tax etc). As a result, we are able to take what we know and multiply it to create more value for our people and products.

If you’re keen to invest or want more info, get in touch: alan@splitrock.studio

If you are someone who wants to be a part of our team, check out some of our current openings or email join@splitrock.studio

Alan Downie
Founder Splitrock Studio
Stephen Neville
Founder Splitrock Studio

The things we have made...

The Visual Feedback Tool. It's like sticky notes on your website
The right gif, every time!
Iterate your way to a better product.
Instant 1:1 chat with users from within your app.
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