What working at Splitrock is like

 Who we are

Passionate and purposeful about creating an environment that is inclusive to all.

OUR TEAM is made up of a diverse group of individuals who hail from many walks of life, have worked across a range of sectors, and who have different ways of thinking. This diversity of thought, experience and background allow us to expand the realm of both what is possible for our products and for us as a team.


Our values aren’t just words on a sign or words conjured up by the CEO or HR department. It is who we are. Our values are how we turn up to work each day and map our path for the future.


To build stability and longevity, everything we do must begin with Strong Foundations.

Better Everyday

We continuously find ways to improve and view our effort and growth as compounding over time.

Answer the why

We give meaning to everything that we do and do not blindly forge ahead.

Clear is kind

We steer clear of shadowy thoughts and behaviours. When a message needs to be delivered, we are always kind and warm hearted with our delivery of it.

In it together

We are individuals working on independent products, yet we remain bound together in our purpose and as a team.

we believe, regardless of your role, you should expect a work environment that is respectful of your personal life and goals. We have generous leave allowances, actively support learning and development, and are big on flexibility.

Sounds like something you want to be a part of?

Get in touch via join@splitrock.studio.
We love to meet and connect with great humans who have the desire to do great things.


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