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Splitrock Studio needs a Node dev!

We are on the hunt for a Node.js Developer working on an all new web product with the Splitrock Studio team. Find out more...

About our new project

Splitrock Studio is currently working on an exciting new product. It is currently in the prototype/validation stage and is being designed and built by experts in the SaaS industry. The vision is to help product teams engage with their users and make better product decisions (including our own!). This will be done via a range of survey and analytics tools which give founders and product owners better insights into how customers engage with their application.

This product came into being after trying to better understand our own customers in our first product, BugHerd. Rather than tape together a bunch of existing tools, we decided to create our own. Like all of our products at Splitrock Studio, we set out to create products that solve real world problems and help improve the lives of our customers.

This product team is designed to operate independently as its own business line whilst receiving support from the broader Splitrock Studio organisation. This includes benefiting from the perks of being a part of a larger and more established team - think learning and development allowances, peers to bounce ideas around with, team lunches/activities, along with the boring business ops functions such as legal, HR and funding.  

This role will play a key part in further shaping and driving forward the vision and application of this new product.

What problems will I be solving?

  • How do we best create and maintain a scalable solution for delivering tests and tools to product customers across the globe?
  • How do we effectively scale push notifications to hundreds of thousands of end-users?
  • How do we effectively manage client and server applications to improve testing capabilities and ease deployment challenges?
  • Improve the capacity of the existing team to develop solutions around billing, authentication, and infrastructure.

What do you want from me?

Working alongside a senior React developer and a startup marketing specialist under the direction of a senior technical founder, you will be adding the following to the team

  • 5+ years Node.js experience
  • 5+ years Postgres/MySQL/SQLite experience
  • A passion for creating and releasing a new product and business
  • Experience with scaling websockets or Server-side Events
  • Initiative and comfort working autonomously
  • Being a good human (not that the others aren’t!)

Any bonus points?

  • Previous experience in a startup environment
  • Entrepreneurial spirit - customer-focused and data-driven
  • Experience with Heroku, Stripe, DevOps
  • 3+ years of experience in React.js, mobx

What can I expect from Splitrock?

  • A supportive team
  • Learning and development
  • Trust and autonomy
  • An open mind

We are flexible, autonomous and results-oriented. We thrive on creating great experiences for our customers and have a “learn-by-doing” attitude.

You will be trusted to manage your own time and deliver quality work. In return you will enjoy true workplace flexibility including generous leave allowances and a team who respects your personal life just as much as your professional life.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop and launch a SaaS product and pave a path for managing this future growth or developing additional SaaS products within Splitrock Studio.

Note that although we are big on flexibility and have adapted very well to working remotely, we are looking for an Australian based team member who will want to join us (on a regular basis) in our Melbourne based office post-Covid induced isolation period.

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