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We are a team creating web products we are truly proud of and use every day.

We consistently look for ways to make our customers lives easier. What started with BugHerd has continued to evolve into a suite of products built by the Splitrock Studio team. If you're interested in joining us to build some great solutions for the web, check out our current opportunities here.

Collect, manage and action website feedback from one location.

BugHerd is a simple one-stop bug tracking and website feedback tool that helps banish long email trails and spreadsheets of feedback.

See how simple it is to make BugHerd an essential part of your
website feedback process.

Definitely the best giffing experience on the internet.

Simply add to your Slack channel and use /gif for perfect happiness

Get the right gif, every time!

Add RightGif to Slack.
The best product research is a customer call.

Smidge helps you find and video-chat customers from within your product.

No more email, no more schedules.
Just 5 mins a day and you could be chatting with 250+ customers per year.

Try Smidge free.
Quix is a suite of tests and tools to help your product team deliver better products to customers

Run CSAT, NPS, PMF and SUS tests, all in one placeReact to customer feedback and improve your product over time

Try Quix free.

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